Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Microstock worth it to a Newcomer?

One topic that never seems to die in the world of microstock is the old belief of "get rich quick". I'm here to say, flat out, that just like anything else in life, you'll have to work hard in microstock to make money. Now, we are not talking about making 200$ a month. That is easy doable with a bit of perseverance and invested time. Large, full-time income levels of money are what I am discussing here. Yes it can be done... no it is not a get rich quick scheme... yes it is difficult, but yes it is rewarding if you make it.

I would love for you all to read http://www.arenacreative.com/blog/microstock-related/can-you-really-make-a-living-selling-microstock-photography/.

This article sums it up nicely. Basically, it can be done, but it will not be easy. Nothing is stopping you from joining Shutterstock and tossing a ton of images on there in hopes of making some cash. But turning this into a sincere serious business takes planning, creativity, and invested time.

Personally, I would consider myself at the beginner level as far as income from microstock. However, I have hopes that as I chug along and work at this, it only grows more beneficial.

I hope those facts do not dissuade anyone though, especially not those looking to this as a great way to fuel your own hobby. And speaking of fueling your own hobby... clicking on those advertisements on the side are a great way to help me keep these posts coming. :)

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