Sunday, March 7, 2010

So I know what microstock is, now what?

So you now know what Microstock photography is and you know that you can use it to market and sell your photos. So what is to stop you from picking up one of these and one of these and becoming a billionaire? Well, quite simply it is the other thousands upon thousands of photographers like you that are trying to do the same, possibly with better gear, more years of experience, and more time then you might have.

A few recommendations I can make, before pushing too far into the realm of techniques and my past experience.

a). Practice... practice practice practice. The more photos you take the better you become, simple as that.

b). Know your audience and keep the consumer in mind. Remember, you are not taking photos to display at your friends gallery or at an art expo at the beach. You are creating images that need to sell, and as such need to appeal to your buyers. A business needs photos of boardrooms, employees, business suits, laptops. A travel company needs photos of the beach, of snow, of skiing, of young couples having fun, of old couples having fun. You can see where I am going with this, I'm sure. You need the images to appeal to a wide variety of potential buyers.

c). Never imitate. Instead, make it better. If you see an image that inspires you, do not duplicate it... make it better. Take that idea and mold it into your own vision, take inspiration from it and visualize how you can take that 9.5 and make it a 10.

These three points have been invaluable to me! I hope they help you as well.

And of course, at somepoint, picking up a camera of some sort isnt a bad idea either! After all, you cannot take pictures without a camera.

More to come! Keep an eye out.

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