Sunday, May 23, 2010

istockphoto vs shutterstock

Hello readers!

Today I wanted to give a quick update on my microstock earnings through these two companies. Please keep in mind this is based on my own experiences... and "your mileage may vary" as they often say. With that disclaimer added, let's jump into my thoughts so far on these two companies when compared side by side.

So far, based on my own numbers, Shutterstock seems like the clear winner by a landslide. Not only has it been considerably more difficult to have images accepted at istockphoto (images that at dreamstime are doing quite well) but of those that have been accepted, I have been little return when compared to Shutterstock. I manage to obtain more approved images at Shutterstock, that also sell faster, and more frequently. The upload process is also quite easy at shutterstuck (much more so than istockphoto, unless you use the third-party API called "DeepMeta", which helps put them on par).

My vote? Goes to Shutterstuck, hands down, for the best microstock website to upload your images to.


  1. Ya shutterstock does provide good earning.How much do u earn from shutterstock?

  2. Heya Sagar,

    Shutterstock provides a decent 25$ to 75$ a month, where istockphoto only provides in the 10's usually. So far so good :)

    Fingers crossed!


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