Friday, July 23, 2010

Jumping into Video, Audio got you down?

Hello readers :)

I wanted to take todays post to comment on the upcoming trend of video in microstock. You've heard this before, on my blog atleast. Believe me though when I state that I am not the only one who sees video as the wave of the future. I'd like to comment a bit about creating video when using a DSLR.

If you happen to own a DSLR capable of video, I do hope you give it a try. You would most likely own either a Canon 7D, or a Canon 5D Mark IV if it's a relatively new camera (and you shoot Canon). It may be one of the Nikon equivalents as well. In either case, A few points to note.

Audio, in general, is difficult to capture with the in camera microphone. Most of the time all you will get it a muffled static noise as wind whips over the microphone ending.
Solution? None really aside from using an external mic or an external sound recorder and later syncing the sound and image in post (neither solution is very great).

The good news tho is that most microstock agencies dont care if it has sound as most clients will most likely overlay their own audio/music/effects over the clips. My advice is to cut the audio completely either in camera or in post. Not only will you avoid the headache of external mic's and such, but you'll be able to increase your memory card capacity by a good ~18%.

I hope it helps :) and goodluck!

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