Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Agency Emerges! - Cutcaster Review.

Hello readers :) Wanted to fill you all in on a new agency that started up just recently. This "new" startup is anything but truly new, as it's founder has a *very* long history in the microstock world and has the credentials to do microstock right. The site has a few features that are of particular interest to microstock sellers:

-High commission rates for sales.
-Upload system is a snap, with FTP access as well and no upload limits initially.
-You can set your own rates/prices or use their "CutCaster Algorithm" to calculate what your image should be worth.

You should definitely check it out. Click the link above to sign up!  I'd recommend it as a "potential winner" as the site is still new... fingers crossed, they will do well. Keep in mind that due to the site being new, sellers will need time to realize the benefits and flock towards the site, hold steady, patience is a virtue, and keep those uploads going.

As a side note, they also have a very interesting Caption Contest. I'd hit the link and check it out, best caption for the image gets money deposited to the account (First, Second, and Third place applies). Good luck readers! :)


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  1. Hey Dave, we've selected you as a winner in Cutcaster's photo caption contest, and we need your email to be able to send you your Cutcaster credit. Can you please email me at Thanks so much.


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