Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Colour Competition!


I recently heard about this great competition and felt that it would be a fun thing to enter and give it a go. Basically it's called "Capture the Colour" and more information can be found HERE.

In essence, I am going to pick 5 images that I feel represent the Colors: Red, Blue, White, Green, and Yellow the best. The images are important, but the story behind the images and the complimentary colors will also be important. If you are feeling upto it, I would definitely join in if you have a blog, it should be fun.

I hope you all enjoy this post :).


 This shot actually began my love for photography. We hit up the san francisco bridge on a trip to California, and I could not for the life of me get a shot without a tourist in my way. Finally, in desperation at seeing my fleeting sunlight, I took a strange path off the side that led me to a small outcropping. With the blue hour approaching and my sunlight fading, I took this 30 second exposure on a point and shoot Casio camera. The majestic red bridge in that rich blue backdrop... I had found my new love.


This image may not be immediately recognizable, location wise, but it was taken inside  Grand Central Station, in New York. The golden glow of this wall and these silhouettes called to me. I was shooting the famous time piece in the center when I realized that this background image was occurring... who was that man, what were they discussing, is he awaiting a friend, or just a co-worker in idle chatter? I suppose we'll never know.


A Visit Rocky Mountain National Park on a warm spring day was surprisingly devoid of any signs of life. There were amazing landscapes everywhere, but not a single turkey, deer, or horse, that the park is known for. Just as we are exiting the park in our vehicle, we catch glimpse of this little guy. We stopped the car and I ran into the field, jumping over the wooden rail, despite the attempts of my friends to dissuade me. I crept as close as I felt was safe but just as I thought I would get a little bit closer to this fellow, mama bear showed up. Needless to say, that ended my picture taking with a quick hussle back to the car (just incase).


Oceanscapes and ocean views are all beautiful, but there is a dark side to those beautiful scenes... in the depths. This is a special tour that puts us into an underwater cage of sorts, made of plexiglass. from our safe harbor we can see all sorts of wildlife in the depths, some less enchanting than others.


The NASA space program recently announced the end of its manned space missions. That year would have 3 more launches, only one of which would be a night launch. I could not pass up the opportunity and set off on a 7 hour drive to arrive an hour before the event. Nothing could prepare me for this. The shuttle launched with such a bright, white, and spectacular light, that I wouldn't have believed it was four AM at that moment had I not been there myself. It was a blinding flash that looked like the sun had just peaked out over the horizon of the blackest night and lit the entire sky in a white glow. It was as if a shooting star had gone in reverse, and launched itself into our stratosphere, and exactly 43 seconds after launch the intense heat and amazing rumble swept over the crowd with such force it was deafening. Amazing, just amazing.


I hope you liked my entries and the photos :)

I'd like to also nominate or pass this along to 5 other photography blogs out there who may want to participate:


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