Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Company Enters the Fray! Snapixel

Snapixel is a different microstock company from the usual affair. Microstock companies typically want very "microstock" images and will decline most images done in an artistic or unusual fashion. Snapixel is different, they merge home photo type style with the microstock industry to make a website where buyers have truly interesting choices. That's not to say your regular microstock images wont sell at this site, they would most likely be accepted as well.

Remember how I said that Snapixel is a different company? It is different in that it combines photo sharing with photo agency. You can share photos with other photographers similar to Flickr and see what your followed friends are doing just like Facebook.

The site offers two account types. You can have a free account for just sharing and social features, or obtain a Pro account for €9 per year (Or free, if accepted as a marketplace photo contributor).

Commission for photo sales are 60% and payouts are done through Paypal only. The site is coded for Euro but payment can be obtained in any format that Paypal allows.

Snapixel is not a direct contender with the larger microstock agencies. It is not microstock focused to that degree. Rather, Snapixel is a new format allowing images that usually would not be selected for a microstock portfolio to gain acceptance and possibly even sell. Consider this though, Yuri Arcurs (A God in the microstock world) just uploaded his whole portfolio to them... food for thought.

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