Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Studio Seamless Whites Through Zack Arias's Eyes

What exactly is a Seamless White?

Its where the photographer takes an image, and ensures that the subject of the image is the center of attention with nothing but pure white as the background.

In microstock you will see a lot of this. It isn't the only way to make an image, but it is a popular way to display stock photography. Reasoning here is that a graphic designer who purchases your image will then be able to use that "white space" (also known as copy space) to place their company logo, company title, slogans, information, etc. with little work on their part.

Isolates can be done in two ways:
1). In post (post processing)

2). In studio: when the image is taken through lighting.

And because lighting, is a very in depth topic, I would like to recommend:

This tutorial is amazing as far as studio lighting goes... bar none, zack has written an amazing guide with sample images and information on materials necessary as well.

We'll get into post process white isolates a bit more indepth in the next post, until then, happy reading!

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