Friday, April 16, 2010

Canon 7D, new firmware : 1.2.1

EOS 7DCanon 7D firmware has just been updated to 1.2.1. You can read more about it at the Canon Website, but basically it addresses a few minor features, one of them being the "overheating" warning function in the Canon 7D. Minor firmware update, to be honest, in essential fixes, but an update none the less. 

The instructions on upgrading are quite specific, so make sure to follow them closely if you do decide to upgrade (and I see no reason not to really). Honestly, there is not much that I can honestly say I dislike about this camera or should be "firmware" fixed with exception to: On-camera flash controller cannot do Hypersync flash firing. Fingers crossed, we can always hope! :)

Keep your finger on the camera trigger and chug along in the microstock world!

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