Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Heeeerrreee - CS5 Launch Day is today :)

It has arrived, the CS5 Adobe launch day.

Honestly, if  you have CS4, and know how to use it, you probably don't NEED a CS5 upgrade. I know some who are still pumping out mind blowing images on an elements 7 working environment. If you have lightroom 2, same applies, CS5 would not be considered a "needed product" by most. However, that being said, this suite is bring some amazing things to the table. Many times, product upgrades from series to series can be lack luster, but I believe Adobe is on to something with this one.

Here is a video with a lot a lot a whoooole lot of information concerning the new adobe CS5 that you may want to check out. It is narrated by multiple speakers, some experts in their fields, and a few of the team members that helped create CS5.

Now this IS a commercial, in a sense... they are selling you their product. But look passed the infommercial and absorb some of the new features. Of course, I am looking at the photographer section in particular, see for yourself.

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