Friday, August 3, 2012

Video Is the new Frontier

Just wanted to put up a quick post on how sales are going for video footage. I am extremely impressed on how much speed video sales can pick up. Just recently I hit 200 videos online, which is VERY small number by any stretch of the imagination compared to other sellers. Despite the number being so low, I've made more profit from video sales than image sales combined, despite having starting image sales about 2 years before going to video. Granted, my image portfolio is also very small in comparison, but having a 2 year head start I would have thought would give image sales an impossible lead to surmount. Apparently, not so with video. Video sales have been through the roof and are only increasing as my footage becomes more professional and well thought out.

Now, not just any footage will sell, you should try and make it oriented to a popular concept or idea that will generate the revenue, or a niche field of footage. If you do that though, you'll see your footage sales sky rocket soon, when you upload enough.

My sales are from 2 different sites, Pond5 and Shutterstock. I did not upload to Istockphoto as I felt the hassle they request was just too much for each video. Pond5 has been just amazing though and I recommend it to anyone just starting out in footage sales.


Click there and sign up, toss some footage on there and give it some time. Once you hit about 200 videos, you'll see that it pays off fairly well considering the few number of files. Just make sure your files are quality work, and you should be happy with the results.


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